How to use it

Mr. Fire X mini fire extinguisher has an ergonomic high-quality aluminium casing that weighs a mere 335  grams with dimensions of 22 cm (height) and 5 cm (diameter). The unique nozzle allows the foam to cover a large surface area when activated.

Mr. Fire X is suitable for the types of fire below:

Class A :Solids fires (e.g. paper, wood, plastics)
Class B
:Hydrocarbons and Alcohols (e.g. gasoline, kerosene, diesel)
Class C
:Oils (e.g. any cooking oil)
Electrical :Overloaded sockets, plugs and electrical appliances

With its simplistic design and light weight, Mr. Fire X can be used by anyone, including young adults and the elderly. There are no complicated pins to pull or gauges to check before you use it.

To use Mr. Fire X :

  1. Open the cap.
  2. Shake the can.
  3. Spray at the base of the fire.

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