What They say

Due to its effectiveness and easy use, Mr Firex is a product everybody should have at home. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly. It doesn't generate any kind of residue as it happens while using other extinguishing methods such as dust or water.

Marino Rodríguez Martínez


Mr Firex has been successfully used to stop a fire at El Llavianu, a famous restaurant located in Gijón. The incident took place in the kitchen of the restaurant and the flames reached a remarkable height very quickly. The owner, Javier González used our product with extraordinary results, extinguishing the fire completely.

Javier González

Restaurant owner

Mr Firex has been specifically formulated to extinguish fires quickly. Its particular features: thermal stability, high penetration and cooling capabilities, make cleaning up after use very easy. This factor, together with its effectiveness and small size makes Mr Firex the perfect product for domestic use over conventional extinguishers.

Civil Protection of Artafe


Mr Firex extinguished a fire in Trebole Restaurant, in Cimadevilla Town (Gijón). The fire starts in the kitchen of the restaurant and was extinguish so fast by Mr Firex. The owner stands out his efficiency and the speed of product.

Marcos Alvarez Sanjurjo

Restaurant Owner

The product’s features make it particularly suitable for people without fire training experience. Due to its lightweight (345 gr.) aerosol can, distance of application (1.5 meters) and capacity to produce 7.5 liters of foam in 15 seconds, it is a very good option to extinguish small fires at its early stages safely and effectively.

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Mr. Fire X has been certified by:
  • AFITI-LICOF with 5F efficiency according to UNE-EN 3-7:2004+A1:2008 standard norm.
  • Labaqua Labs as non-irritant.
  • Bureau Veritas according to: EN-1568-1:2009 and EN-1568-4 norms.
  • Mr. Fire X has also been certified by L.C.O.E to be used against electrical fires of up to 35000 volts.
  • The prestigious German laboratory GWA confirms the biological degradation of the product within 28 days. 


BoldFoam F-40, awarded product at the International Security Exhibition (SICUR) in 2010.

Quality Assurance

Mr. Fire X has been thoroughly tested and complies with all EU regulations for Aerosol containers. 4 levels of quality checks are undertaken for each batch of products to ensure that the end product you receive is of the highest quality. The quality checks are made by; the aluminium can manufacturer, the Boldfoam F-40 manufacturer, the bottling company that produces the finished product and by Minibombero S.L. the owner of the Minibombero brand and finished product. The product is also quality checked upon delivery to our warehouse in Singapore by Kavelin Distribution Pte Ltd staff.

The inverted epsilon guarantees that the manufacturer makes its products in compliance with European standards.

VSFOCUM - a Spanish manufacturer of fire fighting products with extensive experience manufacturing foams. You will find different Firefighting Groups from all over the world, oil companies, industries from the mining sector, AENA (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation) and the Spanish army among its clients.

Green Dot’ systems have become internationally recognised models that contribute to the successful implementation of producer responsibility by the companies involved. When you see the ‘Green Dot’ on packaging it means that for such packaging, a financial contribution has been paid to a qualified national recovery organisation, set up in accordance with the principles defined in EU Directive 94/62 on packaging and packaging waste and the respective national laws.

Today, the ‘Green Dot’ is the most widely used trademark in the world. More than 170,000 companies are licensees of the ‘Green Dot” trademark, while over 460 billion packaging items are labeled annually with the symbol. Industry in twenty-eight nations are now using the ‘Green Dot’ as the financing symbol for the organisation of recovery, sorting and recycling of sales packaging. Those countries using the ‘Green Dot’ are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.